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About Us


What in the world would lead someone to believe that they have the knowledge and the capabilities to advise the youth of today on financial matters that will have a direct correlation on every aspect of their lives?


The best and only answer is having personally spent the better part of thirty years as a financial consultant and entrepreneur for major businesses, whereby all areas of concern were dealt with innovatively and all financial issues were resolved successfully. These same innovations were implemented on an individual basis with the desire to develop a five-year plan to ensure financial independence for high school and/or college students.

Thus, the “Debt Free Children” plan was created. A plan is only as good as the motivation, the driving force that propels one to the brink of obsession, to ensure that all areas of concern were addressed and viable solutions implemented. Simple! Every aspect must revolve around a concise, singular mission and at "Debt Free Children" the Mission Statement is quite literally a question and answer:

“What is the desired goal? To change the course of poverty, if possible, for the youth worldwide!”

Think about that. What a statement and what an ambitious goal!

We here, at "Debt Free Children" are offering a plan that might seem simple yet offers huge rewards. As stated earlier, as a Financial Consultant with over 30 years experience, it saddens me to see the avoidable struggles that most people experience in their financial lives. Someone very wise once said that repeatedly doing the same things could only lead to the same results, yet this is largely the nature of our relationship with money. Here at "Debt Free Children" we offer something similar enough not to take you out of your comfort zone, yet different enough to transform your lives immeasurably. Using our program you'll find that, not only will your financial situation be improved immensely, but also the relationships within your family will become closer and more fulfilling.

The “Debt Free Children” module was designed with two main factors in mind for both the student and the parent:

Student -

  1. Financial independence and freedom from debt of any nature and
  2. The independence to stand on one’s own feet and not rely on the “Parental Bank” to shoulder the burden of resolving financial issues.

The worrisome burden of a parent is all but eliminated.

Parent –

  1. The parental bank will be closed for good, ensuring a happier and stress-free future for all
  2. A healthier relationship between parent and child – Parents and grandparents can now take a more viable role in the success of their children.

Make the commitment to the “Debt Free Children” program and take the first step on the road to generational financial independence.

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