The best way to get started with any project is to have a plan and a goal that would guarantee the end result desired. What are the sacrifices and what are the benefits? Then there had to be a time period. What do I give up and for what period of time? The next step is to determine what I will receive that will ensure success and for what period of time. In other words, what do I get for what I give?

The first thought was to list all the benefits versus doing absolutely nothing. The following is a “synopsis of reality”:

The biggest fear and nightmare of any parent is the moment your son or daughter goes out on their own for the first time. Needless to say, this can be both worrisome and expensive. Nine times out of ten this is done without any forethought or planning and is usually doomed to failure from the start.

The results of any failure only guarantee that the burden will be shifted back on the parents. This will ensure a depletion of any savings and is of no benefit to either the parents or the children.

There is a solution to this problem. Following the plan as laid out will ensure the following:

What Your Son Or Daughter Will Be Able To Do That Is Reserved For Only A Select Few

  1. Have A Home Paid For
  2. Have All The Necessary Furniture Paid For
  3. Have The Car Of Your Dreams Paid For
  4. Have A Bank Account Valued at $50,000.00
  5. Eliminate The Need For Dual Income (Wife Can Remain Home And Raise Children)
  6. Have The Opportunity To Take Advantage Of Lucrative Investments
  7. Have The Freedom To Pursue Other Interests

Have The Dream Relationship Between Parents And Children

  1. If the child is debt free, the worrisome burden of a parent is all but eliminated. The parental bank will be closed for good, insuring a happier and stress-free future for all.
  2. A Healthier Relation Between Parent And Child
  3. Parents And Grandparents Can Now Take A More Viable Role In Raising Grandchildren

What Your Son Or Daughter Will Never Have To Share With The Rest Of The World

  1. The Life-Long Pursuit Of Paying Credit Card Debt That Only Continues To Grow
  2. No Monthly House Payment To Contend With
  3. The Fear Of Going To The Mailbox For All Those Unpaid Bills
  4. Vacations At Home Because Money Is Not Available
  5. The Worry And Fear Of Losing Your Job
  6. Freedom To Pursuit Other Interests

Financial Security Guarantees This! If we don’t capitalize on the benefits, we are all doomed to failure.

All this can be achieved without changing your lifestyle one iota. Remember, at the beginning, it was stated that “Less Is More!” Never forget that statement. It is the key to your financial future.

This system will work for all classes of people. Education is not a factor but is determinate in the period of time it takes to achieve your personal goals. Believe it or not, there is a level playing field. The skilled and unskilled can reach the same goal. Be recession-proof, depression-proof and best of all financially sound.

All is attainable. The best part is you do not have to do anything until you are 18 or 22 years of age. That is your choice, but the best one you will ever make.

Don’t give up a major percentage of your income for the greater portion of your adult life. The freedom to plot your own course and accumulate wealth and success should be a common goal for everyone.

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